SensArs Neuroprosthetics (SAN) is a world-pioneering company delivering unique solutions in neuroprosthetic technologies. SAN has extensive expertise in peripheral nervous system interfacing and development of sophisticated algorithms, which come together in the realization of controllers for bidirectional prostheses. SAN was founded and registered in Switzerland (Vaud) in June 2014. The company emerges from a research group, which was established in Italy at SSSA with the aim of restoring motor and sensory functions, to people who underwent limb amputation, by means of neuroprostheses. In 2012, part of the group moved to the EPFL, where they established SAN. The Company has achieved a consolidated and recognized expertise in the field of neuroprostheses, especially after the impressive results obtained with the human trials with SENSY. The mission of SAN is to restore limb functionality of people affected by upper and lower extremity amputations and with nerve damage. Helping disabled persons is the engine that pushed the founders during the development of their personal careers. The successful research in the field enabled them to experience the unique feelings of changing the ,course of humankind, by making impossible the possible, and restoring the hand sensations to a man who lost it ten years before. Up to now, SAN has raised over €0.5M through non-dilutive funding, including EPFL INNOGRANT (€85K), Spinfund from Swiss NCCR Robotics (€102K), Brainforum 2015 (€13K), Venture Kick (€111K) and FET Innovation Launchpad (€100K).

SAN will be the main responsible for the NeuHeart dissemination and exploitation activities (WP8), oversee all issues related to the regulatory framework involving the NeuHeart technologies and advise with limited participation to system integration (WP7).